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Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Non-face-to-face digital onboarding

On October 28th, Veridas and our partner, OneSpan, jointly organized the “Digital Onboarding, non-face-to-face: how to deliver compliance and improve the user experience” at the Ritz Hotel in Mexico City. Our Sales Manager in Latam, Mauricio Guijarro, was one of the keynote speakers at the conference, attended by more than 45 professionals from the leading financial players in Mexico.

The conference’s objective was to answer multiple questions about digital onboarding, which current clients increasingly demand. This customer onboarding system is a challenge for any company. Veridas and OneSpan wanted to expose how the technology works, the different solutions that provide the onboarding of users, and the success stories that Veridas has to its credit. 

Regulatory compliance in Mexico

One of the main attractions of the conference was the detailed explanation of Mexico’s regulatory compliance in the financial sector. Remote access to financial services is more in demand than ever, but there are a wide variety of risks when engaging with consumers in a digitized environment. Respecting regulatory compliance without affecting the user experience is one of the great benefits of Veridas’ biometric technology, which is already NIST (1:1 and 1:N) and ISO 30107 iBeta Level 1 PAD certified.

Veridas has positioned itself as a technological company of reference for strict regulatory compliance in the markets we operate. An example of this is that the National Electoral Institute of Mexico installed Veridas’ facial biometrics engine

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User Experience vs. Regulation?

Improving the conversion funnel is not incompatible with complying with regulatory standards. Increasing security in new customer registration or user verification processes is not inconsistent with worsening the user experience. Improving the customer journey is compatible with optimizing costs and eliminating friction in any customer communication process. All this was discussed during the conference given by Veridas and OneSpan.

Success story: life faith with BBVA

To illustrate the potential biometric technology solutions, different demos of facial biometrics, document verification and voice biometrics were presented.

A great example of this last application is the innovative case of success that Veridas has developed for BBVA Mexico to improve the lives of pensioners, optimizing costs in the financial institution and reducing the environmental impact of a complex evasion, such as the one of giving proof of life every six months by the Mexican elderly to be able to collect their pension.

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