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Welcome to the new
'campus identity'

Forget manual verification processes and start using AI-based & fully automated biometric verification. 

  • Remote student & staff enrollment
  • Biometric physical access to facilites 

How do we help education institutions?

Save on time
and costs

Fully automated & AI-based biometric verification streamlines enrollment processes for students and staff, reducing identity verification costs and frictions.

Identity verification

Ensure students and staff are who they say they are through a smooth and fast identity verification process, while complying with regulation.

Quick and easy integration

Time is no longer the stopper. You can use our identity verification technology immediately and be ready before summer.

At the forefront of innovation

Meet the needs of the new generations and improve your reputation with a solid digital transformation strategy.

Students & Staff remote enrollment

Ease your admission processes and ensure that all new students & staff, regardless of their home nation or country, use a valid document.

> UK Trust Framework approved for Right to Work checks on your staff and contractors 

> Global Document Coverage

> Fully digital & automated AI-verification

Face biometric access to facilities

Forget physical credentials and be sure to only grant access to authorised people. 

> Integrates with any in-place Access Control System

> Fully GDPR compliant

Digital authentication across multiple platforms

With digital onboarding, you can deploy multiple use cases across all your channels. Once the Student’s and Staff’s identities are verified, they can access infinite opportunities.

> Education platform log-in

> Online exams ID check

> Verification for Alumni programs

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