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/Enhancing Online Safety through Veridas’ Age Assurance Solutions

Enhancing Online Safety through Veridas' Age Assurance Solutions
Miguel Adán

Miguel Adán

Account Director EMEA

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Enhancing Online Safety through Veridas’ Age Assurance Solutions

Manchester recently hosted a groundbreaking event: the Global Age Assurance Standards Summit. Over 700 stakeholders from diverse sectors convened to tackle the critical issue of age assurance in the digital landscape. Organised by the Age Check Certification Scheme and supported by both Safe Online and the British Standards Institution (BSI), this summit spotlighted the urgent need for robust standards to safeguard children online.

A consistent message resonated throughout the summit: Achieving Age Assurance is feasible. And Veridas is fully committed to addressing these challenges. During the summit, we emphasized our dedication to pioneering innovative solutions that prioritize regulatory compliance, user privacy, and children’s protection.

Veridas’ age verification system offer businesses a seamless way to accurately and efficiently verify customer ages. How? By integrating advanced AI algorithms, robust anti-spoofing measures, and meticulous document checks. This ensures not only accuracy but also resilience against fraudulent attempts, preserving the integrity of the verification process.

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In an era marked by heightened regulatory scrutiny, Veridas’ Age Assurance solutions stands out as a symbol of compliance and reliability. With regulatory frameworks tightening globally, businesses are under increasing pressure to adhere to age verification laws or face severe penalties.

Veridas’ solutions provide a lifeline, enabling businesses to navigate regulatory complexities with confidence and ease.

At Veridas, we recognize that one size does not fit all. That’s why our Age Assurance solutions cater to a diverse range of business requirements and regulatory obligations. From comprehensive identity verification to age estimation paired with ID validation, Veridas offers customizable solutions tailored to specific needs. Our technologically neutral approach ensures flexibility and compliance, empowering businesses to meet regulatory standards while prioritizing user experience.

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