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What we’ve learned at Money 20/20 Europe

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Digital identity verification plays a key role in the financial sector

Last week a few members of our team had the chance to showcase Veridas identity verification solutions at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam. 

It was incredible to meet with the fintech industry leaders and share experiences and views on how we can all improve this ecosystem.

Not that we didn’t know it already, but it has again been made very clear that digital identity verification plays a key role in the current financial sector. Both traditional banks and fully digital neo-banks need a strong and reliable customer verification system to be able to interact with their end customers with security on both ends.

Not all providers are the same

Are all providers the same? Obviously not. That is why we brought our brand new Digital Onboarding Buyer’s Guide to the show, and we were glad to see it had such a warm welcome by all the attendees who came by the Veridas booth. Putting yourself out there for comparison against any competitor with total transparency cannot mean anything else than full confidence in your technology backed by the trust of your clients.

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BBVA Italy shared their experience in creating a 100% digital bank

In fact, one of our most important clients, BBVA, was there with us to share their experience on launching the first 100% digital bank in Italy. We had the pleasure of listening to Javier Lipuzcoa, Head of Digital Banking at BBVA Italy, tell us about the project and the importance of Veridas’ digital onboarding solution. In his own words, “There are 3 things that are key about Veridas; they have a wide reach of document coverage, minimum friction for both integration and customer experience, and top security of their solutions.”

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Deutsche Telekom and the outburst of voice biometrics

In terms of customer authentication, we were honored by another big partner, Deutsche Telekom, represented by Alwin Schritweiser, who talked about the importance of voice biometrics and the decision of chosing the right biometric provider. As he explained “We evaluated almost 30 companies, and eventually it came down to Veridas because of the technology, no one was as fast and secure, with only 3 seconds required with very high performance.”

Finally, we’d like to thank the Money20/20 organization for putting up together one of the best shows of the year. The venue, the speakers and all the activities were great, and all while discovering the lovely city of Amsterdam.

Thank you to all the old and new friends that we were able to see this week and we cannot wait for the next chance to meet in person!

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