Allow your guests to do a remote and digital chek-in to avoid contact and queues at reception. verify the identity and documents of your guests and reduce costs.

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Digital Check-in

Document verification with a global coverage of passports, driving licenses and other identity documents. Facial recognition to verify the identity of users.

Veridas world-class Identity Verification solutions allow for a safe, remote and easy digital check-in. 

✔️ Remote check-in with your phone (accessible through web environment)

✔️ Cost and time savings (eliminate long queues at reception)

✔️ Safe and private (100% GDPR)

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Contactless Access Control

Our face recognition access control system will provide your customers with a safe and seamless experience to access hotel rooms, VIP areas, congresses and much more! 

✔️ Ultra-fast

✔️ Maximum security

✔️ Contactless

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Why Veridas?


Easy and fast integration

Integrate our software in less than 2 weeks


Safe and secure

Protect your customers and your business against fraud

Conversion rate

Privacy first

Full compliance with GDPR and other regulatory requirements

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