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Facial Payment

Use your face to pay.
No passwords, no friction.

Offer a simple and safe experience for your customers to authorize their payments. Comply with regulations and improve user experience at the same time. 
facial payment

/How our facial payment can help you

Pay with your face or your voice in milliseconds, wherever and whenever you want.


No racial, gender or other biases.


Ultra-fast verification in less than 300 milliseconds.


We comply with PSD2, GDPR and other regulations.


Plug & Play integration in a matter of days.

/Proprietary technology.
Leading technology.

Take advantage of facial payments, offering your customers a simple and no friction experience while boosting customers’ acquisition rates.


Proprietary 100% automated face and voice solutions


Biometric engine evaluated by NIST.


Certified liveness detection and fraud detection technology.

/PSD2: a regulation that opens the door to biometrics

The European regulation on electronic payment services (PSD2) requires the use of 2 or more elements categorized as: knowledge, possession or inherence. 

These elements must be independent (the violation of one does not compromise the reliability of the others) and must be designed in such a way as to protect the confidentiality of the authentication data.

/From an apparent identity and security... to a real ones

Disconnected from the real identity of the person

Based on something you know or something you have

  • Low user verification security (e.g. SIM Swapping).
  • Regulatory sanctions in data protection.
  • Sense of insecurity among customers and companies.
  • Identity fraud in other areas.

Single authentication factor with higher degree of security

Based on something inherit, something you are

  • Maximum verification security
  • Improve user experience
  • Cost optimization
  • Identity fraud prevention
  • Generation of new business opportunities
  • Digital inclusion

/Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about biometric technology and Artificial Intelligence

/A reality since 2018


Real-life experience of paying with your face at BBVA headquarters

In 2018, Veridas and BBVA launched a joint project to authorize payments with facial biometrics in their headquarters canteen. 


Biometric payments in retail

Veridas technology allows the user to register anytime, anywhere and from any device, all in less than 1 minute! 


Secure payments also with voice biometrics

Voice biometrics also allows you to authorize payments quickly and securely. 

With just 3 seconds of audio, in any language and with any phrase. 

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Facial Parking Access

Simplify entry, save time, and manage your stadium parking more efficiently.

Quick Facial Parking Access

Enter the parking area in under 1 second with facial recognition technology.

Stress-Free Experience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Enhanced Security

Elevate your parking security for peace of mind.

Facial Ticketing

Protect your Stadium with our end-to-end identity verification platform, featuring biometric and document verification, trusted data sources, and fraud detection.

Instant Identity Verification

Verify your attendees’ identity remotely in less than 1 minute.

Pop-up Convenience

Simplify the ticket purchase process and enable attendees to enjoy a hands-free experience throughout their stadium stay.

Maximum Security

Enhance the security of the purchase process, eliminating the possibility of fraud, resale, and unauthorized access.

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