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Evolutio and Veridas, an alliance to boost voice biometrics in the main Iberian market companies

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Evolutio and Veridas agreement

Evolutio, an expert company in the integration of cloud services, and Veridas, considered as one of the world leaders in the development of biometric solutions for digital identity verification, join forces to accelerate the adoption of voice biometric authentication in the Contact Centers of the main companies in the Iberian market. The application of voice biometric technology to a contact center environment brings many advantages:

1. Drastic reduction of the Mean Time of Operation (TMO) and, therefore, the costs associated with it.  On average, Contact Centers spend between 30 and 45 seconds to verify an identity based on questions, but thanks to Veridas voice biometric authentication, Evolutio’s customers can identify a person with only 3 seconds of their voice in a completely passive way, since the solution is independent of the text and the language used.

2. Increased security thanks to technology that is much more reliable than traditional methods, moving from presumption to certainty in the verification of identity. Current methods simply verify that the person on the other end of the phone knows something (e.g. a password, ID, or address) or possesses something (e.g. an OTP, a coordinate card, or access to an email account). On the other hand, biometrics can check characteristics or attributes inherent to the person himself, such as his face or voice, so that the security achieved is unparalleled. 

3. Improved end-user experience, eliminating passwords or other time-consuming and tedious identity verification procedures. In this sense, the acceptance rates of these solutions, in those customers who are already using them, exceed 80% on the first call. And conversion rates for already registered customers are over 99%, as in the case of BBVA in Mexico when it allows its pensioners to give proof of life through a simple phone call.

4. Creation of a 100% omnichannel strategy thanks to the possibility of applying the same authentication measure in any channel of interaction with the customer: telephone channel, mobile applications, messaging platforms, etc. This unique capability makes this solution a tremendously attractive, scalable, and convenient method.

However, during the adoption process, doubts or questions may arise, many of them related to the ease of implementation. Especially when it comes to contact centers, as they are complex structures in terms of architecture and operation. And this is the main reason for the partnership between Evolutio and Veridas. 

A partnership to facilitate integration on any platform

This alliance will enable fast and secure access to a voice biometrics technology recognized by the international benchmarking institute, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, as one of the most advanced solutions in the world. This technology makes it possible to verify identity with just three seconds of voice, in any language, and without the need to repeat a specific phrase. This fact is already proven by giants such as BBVA, Deutsche Telekom, or Prosegur, who decided to bet on Veridas’ proprietary technology to improve their customer service processes. 

This improvement will be reinforced thanks to the knowledge and experience of Evolutio, a leader in the implementation of the most advanced Contact Center technologies. Something that has been recently endorsed by receiving, from Genesys, the EMEA Cloud Partner of 2021 award. Recognition within the reach of very few highlights its ability to accompany customers in the transformation of their critical Contact Center infrastructures, offering innovative and secure solutions in the cloud.

“For Veridas it is key to have a partner like Evolutio for the expansion of our solution, because of its great knowledge of the industry, the specific needs of customers, and the main Contact Center solutions, something that is evident when you know its unparalleled arrival to the market Veridas, as a company that develops leading solutions, always seeks to create alliances with leading partners and, without doubt, Evolutio is it“, says Miguel Zarraluqui, Product Manager of the voice biometrics solution at Veridas.

According to Manuel Beltrán, head of Customer Experience and Digital Workplace at Evolutio, “the combined technological capabilities of both companies will allow us to create and offer a solid value proposition to help companies accelerate the pace of their digital transformation and cloud adoption processes. It is gratifying to be able to count on a partner like Veridas, a national company with a leading product in a tremendously competitive market, whose capabilities are fully complementary to Evolutio’s.”

Beyond the conotact center, beyond Spain

Although the main application of voice biometrics is currently found in Contact Centers, its ability to reach all customer interaction channels makes it unique among biometrics solutions. And here, too, the partnership between Evolutio and Veridas has a lot to say. From the development of chatbots, where you can communicate with your company through voice notes, to the integration in websites or mobile applications, to perform operations in a more secure and accessible way. 

The agreement is not only limited to the implementation of voice biometrics, but Evolutio’s capacity to manage all these alternative channels also allows it to integrate other Veridas solutions, such as facial biometrics or identity document verification. These solutions are widely recognized in the national and international market with relevant clients such as BBVA, Acciona Mobility, Cabify, or Catalana Occidente. Companies that have already opted for Veridas for the management of their digital onboarding or customer authentication processes. 

This alliance is also strategic at a geographic level. Both companies have customers in several continents, where they have already embarked on several joint projects and where they have staff and offices that allow a very high level of customer service and support. 

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