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/The Spanish Senate recognizes biometrics as the only way to guarantee the identity of individuals certainly

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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In April 2021, Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas, participated in the “Study paper on the adoption of a regulation of new technological, disruptive and social realities” framed in the Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation in the Spanish Senate. 

In his intervention, as an expert in biometrics and Artificial Intelligence, Eduardo explained the role of biometric technologies in guaranteeing one of the fundamental rights of human beings: the right to identity. 

Last October 14, 2022, the El Diario de Sesiones del Senado published a summary of all the sessions where he highlighted that among the different authentication elements established by Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council on electronic identification and trust services, biometrics “is the only one that can guarantee with certainty the identity of individuals”.

This is a very relevant conclusion that differentiates authentication elements and elevates biometrics above knowledge or possession-based systems. These systems, such as passwords or keys, are only anchored on a presumed identity. 

Authentication elements

The European Union recognizes three elements of authentication:

  • Knowledge (something you know): a password, first and last name, your address, your ID number….
  • Possession (something you have): A cell phone, a coordinate card…. 
  • Inheritance (something you are): Your face or voice, biometrics. 


Methods based on knowledge or possession are fragile to fraud and can be stolen or hacked. However, biometrics is an element that is unique to each person. Thanks to highly accurate biometric systems, individuals can exercise their real identity in both the physical and digital worlds. 

Biometrics as a transforming ingredient of society

Modern biometric technology is accurate, easy to use, and guarantees the security and privacy of citizens, enabling univocal identification in the digital and physical space. 

It also facilitates interactions with public administrations and companies, saving time, resources, and unnecessary travel, thus reducing the carbon footprint of each transaction.

As with any technology, the use of biometrics must be properly regulated, but its use is undoubtedly transforming society, leaving behind the digital divide, increasing security, and improving the user experience. 

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