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/Veridas achieves high-category National Security Scheme (NSS) compliance certification

Leire Arbona

Leire Arbona

Legal & Compliance Director

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Information Security is a top priority in today’s digital environment. At Veridas, we are proud to announce that we have obtained the National Security Scheme (ENS) high category compliance certification, issued by OCA Global. This certification is a testament to our continued commitment to the security and privacy of the information we handle, both internally and for our valued customers.

A track record of compliance and safety:

Since 2020, we have maintained a rigorous focus on information security by achieving ISO/IEC 27001 certification. In 2021, we achieved ENS Medium category, followed by UK TrustFramework compliance in 2022 and, in early 2023, SOC 2 Type II certification. These certifications have enabled us to reinforce our position as a market leader in digital identity verification and authentication in both the physical and digital world.

Our most recent achievement of high-level ENS compliance certification propels us towards further security excellence. This certification covers our information security management system that supports all our activities, from design and development to deployment, production, maintenance, enhancement and marketing of our products and services. 

The National Security Scheme (ENS) establishes a security policy for the use of electronic media and sets out the principles and minimum requirements for the adequate protection of information. Although it was initially conceived for the Spanish Electronic Administration, this system has been adopted by numerous private entities that provide services to the Public Administrations. The ENS provides greater detail and requirements for the implementation and maintenance of a solid Information Security system.

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Guaranteed security for the Public Administration

This year, we have decided to raise our certification to the high category of ENS, the maximum possible. This is of great importance as we have more and more clients in the field of Public Administrations, and this certification provides them with the necessary guarantee and security to use our technology in any environment and process.

In addition, we have been agile in adapting to the changes derived from Royal Decree 311/2022, of May 3, which modified the regulations governing the ENS last year. At Veridas, we keep up to date and comply with the latest standards and requirements to ensure the safety of our products and services.

Obtaining this high-category compliance certification from the National Security Scheme (ENS) reinforces our position as a reliable provider of technology solutions for both public administrations and any company wishing to use our technology. Our customers can have full confidence that Veridas complies with the highest standards of information security and privacy, providing a trusted environment for the use of our technology in any process and in any environment. We are committed to continuing to provide innovative and secure solutions that drive our customers’ growth and success.

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