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Veridas & das-Nano’s biometric access control system launch the first pilot test in the Spanish football league.

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The last round of the Spanish top football category was marked by an extra-sporting component: innovation. The Osasuna-Sevilla match played at the “El Sadar” stadium was the scene of the first biometric access pilot test to be carried out in a top-level sporting competition in Spain.

The test, independent from the current LaLiga access protocol, and as an added security measure, gave access to almost 200 employees from Club Atlético Osasuna who attended the match, including members of the board of directors, cleaning staff, security personnel and other workers of the entity.

How does the system work?

das-Nano’s access control system incorporates Veridas facial biometric engine to recognize users after a registration process. This biometric registration or onboarding can be done remotely or in-person with a mobile device and consists of scanning an identity document and capturing a selfie to corroborate the user’s identity.

This information is processed and transformed into an irreversible vector so that it is impossible to return to the original data, thus protecting users’ privacy at all times. At the time of access, the entry terminal re-captures an image of the user, identifies the user within the database of registered users and, in a matter of tenths of a second, grants or denies access.

Veridas onboarding solutions are already implemented in several companies in the banking, insurance and telecommunications sectors among others.

World-class technology in global production

Veridas perform millions of cloud-based identity validation operations and have a robust, reliable, and internationally recognized technology with key clients such as BBVA or Deutsche Telekom.

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