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/Veridas Launches Voice Shield: A Game-Changer Solution to Fight Voice Fraud

Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

Juan Fernando C. Bulgarelli

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  • Veridas Voice Shield can determine whether you’re speaking with a real human or machine within seconds of conversation and applies to any type of interaction.

  • Veridas Voice Shield can be seamlessly integrated into any company’s existing system without needing a database because no prior enrollment by the user is required.

  • With over 5 million voice authentication processes worldwide, Veridas offers a proven and tuned solution to fight the most advanced fraud.

Veridas, a Spanish technology company specializing in digital identity and biometrics, today announces Voice Shield, its innovative solution designed to tackle voice fraud efficiently. The launch comes in response to the incrementation in deepfakes attacks. There was a tenfold increase in deepfake detections between 2022 and 2023, highlighting the urgent need for robust fraud prevention measures boosted by the widespread availability of Generative AI. Voice Shield aims to empower businesses with the ability to verify voice authenticity in real time, addressing the critical challenge posed by the misuse of technology through voice generation, cloning, or conversion.

In today’s digital age, where the incidence of voice fraud is escalating, traditional methods of detection are proving inadequate. Voice Shield represents Veridas’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to protect individuals and organizations from the detrimental impacts of voice fraud. With a track record of securing over 5 million processes globally through voice biometrics, Veridas introduces Voice Shield as the pinnacle of anti-fraud technology, offering an efficient, ready-to-deploy solution for businesses seeking to fortify their defenses against fraudsters’ sophisticated tactics.

Voice Shield can accurately differentiate between a real voice and one that is not, whether pre-recorded, manipulated, or artificially generated voice, also known as deepfakes. Additionally, these capabilities enable Voice Shield to be an effective technology for preventing deepfake injection attacks where enterprise vulnerabilities are most exposed.

Voice Shield can analyze millions of calls in milliseconds, regardless of the language or the text spoken by the end user and with just 3 seconds of voice audio. It does not require prior voice registration or consent, as there is no use of sensitive data, which directly benefits user experience and conversion rates, which are not impacted.

In addition, this lack of prior registration eliminates the requirement for a database, enabling swift integration across any platform. This solution is ideal for any interaction within your contact center, serving as a robust filter against incoming fraud, irrespective of the call’s nature or the authentication method employed.

How has Veridas Voice Shield impacted businesses?

  1. Outsmart Fraudsters: Voice Shield equips businesses with the tools to detect and combat the evolving threat of voice manipulation preemptively, ensuring operational security remains uncompromised.
  2. Secure Every Call: Guarantees the authenticity of every interaction within the contact center, offering blanket protection across all verification methods.
  3. Financial and Reputational Safeguarding: Voice Shield is a strategic defense against fraudulent activities. That significantly mitigates potential financial losses and reputational harm.
  4. Conversion Rate Optimization: This method streamlines the verification process without needing prior user registration, facilitating a smoother customer journey and maintaining high conversion rates.
  5. Rapid Integration: Designed for swift deployment, Voice Shield can be easily integrated into any existing system, requiring no complex infrastructure.
  6. Enhanced Customer Experience: By removing the need for registration or explicit consent, Voice Shield ensures a frictionless interaction for end-users, boosting customer satisfaction.

“Our journey with this technology is not new. We’ve been crafting and refining these solutions for years as a vital part of our core offerings,” states Eduardo Azanza, CEO of Veridas. “Now, in the face of the fraud avalanche coming from deepfakes, we believe it is the perfect timing for us to launch Voice Shield as a standalone product as well to protect both companies and end-users from fraud.”.

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