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/Revolutionizing Security: Veridas Unveils Voice Shield to Combat Voice Fraud

Miguel Zarraluqui

Miguel Zarraluqui

Head of Product Marketing

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The increase in the use of deepfakes, tenfold the number identified in 2022 in 2023, and the easy access to Generative AI highlight an urgent need for effective fraud prevention solutions. This technology’s potential for misuse through voice generation, cloning, or conversion poses significant challenges, prompting a critical question for companies: Are they equipped to identify these threats in real-time?
Veridas is launching a Voice Shield solution to provide an efficient and ready-to-use service for this problem. With over 5 million processes worldwide with voice biometrics alone, Veridas brings “Voice Shield” to the market as the highest level of anti-fraud technology.



Pioneering the Fight Against Voice Fraud

Built upon our existing AI-driven authentication methods, Voice Shield now offers a standalone liveness detection technology without user registration or consent. Voice Shield can accurately differentiate between a real voice and one that is not, whether pre-recorded, manipulated, or artificially generated voice, also known as deepfakes. Additionally, these capabilities enable Voice Shield to be an effective technology for preventing deepfake injection attacks where enterprise vulnerabilities are most exposed.

Voice Shield is an impenetrable barrier that ensures the integrity of every voice interaction. With lightning-fast analysis capabilities, it scrutinizes millions of calls within milliseconds, irrespective of language or text, requiring just three seconds of voice audio.

Veridas Voice Shield Datasheet

Seamless Integration, Maximum Impact

One of Voice Shield’s defining features is its seamless integration into existing systems, obviating the need for complex databases or user enrollment. This integration empowers businesses to fortify their defenses swiftly and effectively. From contact centers to customer service platforms, Voice Shield is an omnipresent sentinel, safeguarding every interaction against fraudulent incursions, independent from the authentication method.

Transformative Benefits Across Industries

The impact of Voice Shield echoes across various sectors, introducing a new era of security and trust:

  • Outsmart Fraudsters: By preemptively detecting and thwarting voice manipulation attempts, Voice Shield empowers businesses to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.
  • Secure Every Call: With blanket protection across all verification methods, Voice Shield guarantees the authenticity of every interaction, ensuring operational security remains uncompromised.
  • Financial and Reputational Safeguarding: Voice Shield acts as a strategic bulwark against fraudulent activities, minimizing potential financial losses and preserving brand reputation.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Streamlining the verification process without user registration enhances the customer journey, bolstering conversion rates and fostering long-term loyalty.
  • Rapid Integration: Designed for swift deployment, Voice Shield eliminates the complexities associated with integration, allowing businesses to fortify their defenses without disruption.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By prioritizing frictionless interactions and eliminating the need for registration or consent, Voice Shield elevates the end-user experience, fostering satisfaction and trust.

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