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Eduardo Azanza

Eduardo Azanza

CEO & Co-founder

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40 years ago, in 1982, I was a 6-year kiddo, and the football World Cup was going to be held in Spain. I was known as “Naranjito” as I knew all the facts and matters of the competition plus I was spherical like the orange mascot. Ten years later, in 1992, Spain held the Olympic Games in Barcelona (fortunately, I wasn’t known as Cobi, the official mascot…). I can tell that those 10 years passed like a slow caravan of fat-butted snails.

10 years has also passed since Esteban Morrás and I founded das-Nano, but this time the snails have become cheetahs: if Carlos Gardel said that 20 years are nothing, 10 years are the nothingness of a sigh.

10 years pursuing a single purpose: creating the conditions and environment to make possible for the best talent of our land to develop a challenging, world-class, professional career that allows to build a better society.

10 years cultivating our 3T’s: Technology, Talent and Toiling. We can humbly say, that we’ve accomplished the three of them: The best Talent from our land and overseas are joining our more than 180 people team in 6 countries alreadyWe’re on the leading edge of the Technology development with our beloved:

  • Veridas & das-Gate in the Phygital Identity space, safeguarding, thanks to our biometric technologies, our identities in the Digital and Physical space, deployed in over 150 customers in 20 countries.
  • and with our relentless das-Nano shading a new light in the industry, with its state-of-the-art Terahertz solutions, in production at the largest car OEMs in the world.

I won’t talk much about Toiling: we all know that there’s no gain without its proper dose of hard-work and resilience, but I think that we deserve a little bit less of this “T” for the next 10 years.

10 years in which we had the luck (it matters too) to cross our roads with a bunch of crazy people at BBVA that trusted on us and, together, we created… 5 years ago Veridas. Without their courage and conviction, I’m sure we hadn’t make it until here.

100 years won’t be enough to thank every single person that has been, and its part of our team, the partners and customers that are always showing us the best path to grow, and specially my family and my business partner, Esteban, for supporting me in this incredible venture: THANK YOU!

Happy anniversary!

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