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Biometric technology, a disruptive innovation in security and user experience

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Veridas at Expo RC

During the last Expo Client Relation, held in Madrid during the 24th and 25th of November, it was possible to see the great interest that biometric technologies awaken in customer service departments.

Veridas was present in a very active way during this reference event in Spain, thanks to its stand-demo, which attracted hundreds of visitors interested in knowing first hand how is the voice authentication solution already used by Deutsche Telekom, or how is the digital onboarding that has allowed millions of customer registrations to companies such as BBVA, Ventocom or Acciona Mobility.

We want to protect ourselves and have a better user experience with our biometrics

Similarly, Veridas was present with Ignacio del Castillo, Director of Partners, at the round table “Efficiency and productivity in the contact center without reinventing the wheel”, together with José Manuel Clapés, VP Sales Iberia at Enghouse Interactive, Santi Venegas, Director of the Patient Contact Center at Miranza, Rafael Martínez, Director of Business Transformation at Emergia, and Alfredo Villanova, Managing Director of IberCaja Connect.

Facial and voice biometric technologies are already disruptive in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, education and health”, highlighted Ignacio del Castillo in his first speech.

“These are present solutions, which have a higher level of accuracy and security than we currently have, where we assume the identity of the person with membership authentication factors such as passwords, PINs, questions answers, etc. All this data can be stolen and someone else can use it fraudulently on our behalf. This already happens, unfortunately, many times. However, when we use our biometrics voluntarily, when people want to do so, we are protecting ourselves and we also have a better experience and ease of access to procedures or formalities that we could never do, concluded Ignacio del Castillo. 

During Rafael Martinez’s (Emergia) speech, the potential of biometrics in the present and future was emphasized. “Mobile and two-factor authentication are fine, but they are becoming obsolete. You have to include more and more layers of security, and biometrics is the tool that is going to come to us for all generations. There is going to be a generation that is not going to want to use voice to do certain things, they want to use applications, like banking. And voice biometrics is a very good solution for older generations who are used to talking on the phone.

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