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Front-End WEB Developer


Do you like disruptive technology based on artificial intelligence? Do you prefer agility to speed? Clean code to technical debt? Then keep reading.. If you also went to the premiere of The Batman, think your Game of Thrones ending is better than the original, and can spend hours debating Star Wars, then we want you in our team. We are looking for a new member of our team. Specifically, we need a FRONT-END DEVELOPER specialized in WEB to be involved in the development of our products, by implementing features and maintaining them, knowing and designing their architecture, and deploying their development.

Roles & Responsibilities

We are a product-oriented company, providing solutions to society. Thanks to our technology, we prevent minors from accessing gambling houses, we allow a Mexican pensioner to attest to life from his own home, or we make it easier for thousands of young people to use electric motorcycles in big cities. And these are just a few examples. Integrated in the Product Development team and, depending on the Head of this area, you will perform, among others, the following functions:
  • Programming of web applications and Javascript / Typescript libraries.
  • Development and integration of vision and artificial intelligence algorithms on web applications. 
  • Programming in JavaScript / Typescript both to develop our Front products and to support the connection and development with Backend APIs.
  • Technical documentation development. 
  • Implementation of product tests. 

What we offer

Do you know why, in this section, there is a billiard ball emoji? Because, indeed, we have a billiard in the office. Boom. All our technology is 100% proprietary, and thanks to it we are internationally recognized (we don’t say it, international organizations say it). We offer you the possibility of developing a worldwide professional career, operating in critical environments in the five continents.  We are in the process of international expansion, our team is constantly growing and we work with top clients. And even more important: the day-to-day work in the office is very entertaining. And what’s more:
  • Fixed and variable remuneration, very competitive and in line with the candidate’s experience.
  • Remote working and flexible working hours.
  • Summer schedule from mid-June to mid-September. Also on Fridays and, on the eve of public holidays.
  • No company has ever seen better Christmas parties than ours.
  • A very playful weekly internal newsletter called Tatooine Evening and a Jedi Council (see how we didn’t lie at the beginning of the offer?).
  • We try to improve society: we collaborate to “awaken vocations” in Artificial Intelligence, we train and provide resources to teachers in El Salvador, we encourage professional reconversion towards the digital world… Spectacular projects that we will tell you about in detail.
  • A very cool office with billiards. No kidding, no.


If everything you have read fits you, we would like you to meet these requirements:
  • Qualification: higher training cycle/university degree related to the position and functions.
  • Experience: 1-2 years in similar positions. 
  • Languages: Advanced English, especially in written comprehension.
  • Attitudes: initiative, teamwork, problem solving, analytical skills, empathy and communication.
Besides, it would be a big plus if you have any of these technical skills:
  • Tensorflow
  • Creation and management of bundled libraries and applications using Rollup or Webpack.
  • Knowledge of Monorepos
  • Design patterns
  • Experience with WebComponents
  • Experience with TDD
We look forward to your application!

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