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Protecting Children Online: The Power of Age Verification and Regulatory Measures

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Protecting children online is of utmost importance in today’s digital age. With the vast array of online platforms and services available, ensuring their safety and well-being is crucial. One effective approach to safeguarding children online is the implementation of age verification solutions, thus creating a safer online environment for them.

The Role of Age Verification in Protecting Children

Age verification solutions play a pivotal role in protecting children from accessing age-inappropriate content, such as explicit material, violent media, or gambling websites. By verifying the age of users, platforms and websites can establish age restrictions and enforce compliance, reducing the risk of children being exposed to harmful content. This proactive measure ensures that online experiences are appropriate and aligned with a child’s age and developmental stage.

The Importance of Regulatory Measures

While age verification solutions are essential, they alone are not sufficient. Regulatory measures are crucial in setting clear standards and expectations for online platforms. Regulations establish legal requirements for age verification and content filtering, compelling platforms to implement effective measures. They create a framework that encourages responsible practices, holding stakeholders accountable for protecting children from potential harm.

Furthermore, regulations promote the development and adoption of reliable age verification solutions. By specifying criteria and standards, regulators ensure that only robust and effective methods are utilized. This fosters the advancement of age verification technologies, enhancing the overall efficacy of child protection measures and providing a more secure online environment.

On the one hand, in the USA, the law establishes age restrictions for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco, gambling, and gaming, however, nothing is specified about the methods allowed to verify that the age restriction is not violated. Nevertheless, in relation to harmful content and social networks, in addition to establishing a minimum age, specific methods are set to verify that the user meets with the minimum age and entities must comply with them. 

On the other hand, in the UK, when the user tries to buy alcohol or tobacco online, the age verification system consists simply of a checkbox or providing your date of birth with no need to present an ID or passport. In relation to gambling, your account information is linked to other information stored in databases such as credit referencing agencies and the electoral roll to assure the user is over the age threshold. In gaming, there are no specific methods set to verify user’s age.. In terms of adults sites, harmful material, and social  media the UK has introduced “Age Assurance” as a mandatory provision of the Children’s Code, aiming to verify the age of users on online platforms and services and, the Online Safety Bill which will make social media companies more responsible for user safety on their platforms.

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The Synergy between Age Verification Solutions and Regulatory Frameworks

Ultimately, the combination of age verification solutions and regulatory frameworks is essential in protecting children online. While age verification solutions empower platforms and parents to ensure age-appropriate experiences, regulations provide a legal foundation for industry-wide compliance. Together, these measures work hand in hand to create a safer digital landscape for children, promoting their well-being and allowing them to explore the online world with confidence.

The Veridas solution

Veridas, a leading global provider of AI-driven identity verification solutions, is proud to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking Age Verification product, aimed at enhancing child protection outcomes. This innovative solution combines biometric verification and artificial intelligence to deliver accurate and efficient age verification services, helping businesses meet stringent age verification regulations.

As part of this expansion, Veridas has just introduced a new Age Validation solution to its Identity Verification Platform. This component utilizes a simple selfie, eliminating the need for users to present or transmit additional personal data, such as identity documents. By respecting user privacy, this solution enables our customers to drive age verification processes while safeguarding sensitive information.

In an era of increasing regulatory restrictions, businesses are under mounting pressure to comply with age verification laws or face severe penalties, including fines and legal actions. Veridas’ Age Verification product offers a seamless and reliable solution, empowering businesses to quickly and confidently verify the ages of their customers, thereby enhancing child protection outcomes.

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