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/Veridas, the first company to accredit its technology for remote identity verification in the Spanish Public Administration

Marta Morrás

Marta Morrás

Global Marketing Director

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Dekra Testing & Certification has accredited that the Veridas video identification tool complies with the security requirements demanded by the ICT Security Guide of the National Cryptologic Center of high category, as required by the Order ETD/465/2021 that enables the non-presential identification of applicants for qualified electronic certificates. This process may be used by the Spanish Public Administration and by private entities, acting as trusted electronic service providers.

ICT Security Guide CCN-STIC-140 requirements

Veridas has submitted its video identification tool to the evaluation of Dekra Testing & Certification, as a specialized laboratory and conformity assessment body, and the accredited entity has concluded that the solution meets all the minimum security requirements set out in Annex F.11 of the ICT Security Guide CCN-STIC-140, of the National Cryptologic Center of High category.

This requirement must be met by the tools used by trusted electronic service providers (QTSPs) when they wish to use non-face-to-face identification methods for those requesting qualified electronic certificates. The Order ETD/465/2021, of May 6, which regulates the methods of remote identification by video for the issuance of qualified electronic certificates, in development of Law 6/2020, of November 11, enabled them to perform this procedure in a very simple way, seeking to bring qualified electronic certificates to all citizens without losing guarantees of reliability, security and privacy.

Thus, Veridas becomes the first technological manufacturer to offer a solution 100% compliant with the technical requirements for remote video identification tools that QTSPs can use.

This is possible thanks to the quality of the technology Veridas has been offering to all its customers, based on the firm commitment that reliable solutions can and must be offered for identity verification in non-face-to-face environments while guaranteeing absolute respect for data protection and information security.

Among the requirements of Annex F1.11 of the CCN-STIC-140 guide, it is stated that the facial biometrics technology used must have been evaluated by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, an agency under the U.S. Department of Commerce), something that is not new for Veridas, since it has been submitting its facial biometrics engines (as well as voice biometrics) to NIST evaluation since 2018 with excellent results.

Other requirements, such as liveness detection or presentation attack detection (PAD), are also understood at Veridas as a fundamental feature of the technology offered, and which it had already certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3 through iBeta. Now, in addition to this certification, Dekra has carried out additional tests, all of them with favorable results for the security of the system.

Trusted electronic service providers

Veridas’ experience in different sectors, such as financial, insurance, telecommunications, etc., where it already has important clients, has served to ensure that Veridas technology offers the necessary guarantees to provide a reliable document validation and evidence generation and review process robust enough to pass the Dekra evaluation and to be used by QTSPs.

With this report, QTSPs can now request from the conformity assessment body an analysis of the process they wish to implement according to the requirements of Order ETD/465/2021, and subsequent approval by the supervisory body. 

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