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The future is digital, and it's already here

Public administrations need to digitize in order to meet citizens' demand for digital services.

In this process, identity verification is the key to offering these services in a simple, secure and reliable manner.

El futuro es digital, y ya está aquí

and much more!

They already trust us

A favorable regulatory framework

More and more countries are beginning to adopt regulations favorable to the use of digital identity verification systems in view of their innumerable benefits. 

Veridas solutions comply with all these standards, as is the case of the CCN-STIC-140 Guide (within the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation) in Spain or the requirements of the CNBV in Mexico.

Un marco regulatorio favorable
Tecnología puntera y certificada al servicio de todos

Cutting-edge and certified technology at the service of everyone

Since our inception we have had a strong commitment to regulation, compliance, quality and reliability of our systems. 

That is why we develop 100% of our technology and submit it to the highest international standards such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) for facial and voice biometric verification. 

We have been verifying more than 50 million identities worldwide for 4 years, and we want to continue to do so in order to build a friendlier and safer world for all citizens.



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